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Financial Institutions

Financial Institutions

We identify different kinds of technical and social fraud, determine segments of high and low risks, provide a broad data vector to enrich your own scoring models, and increase the resolution of your decision-making system.

  • Authentication

    Reduce fraud risks using the market’s best stack of technologies for device and user authentication technologies and stable in time device fingerprinting.

  • Flow segmentation

    Filter high-risk flows by detecting signs of tampering with devices' technical parameters, as well as analysing operating system, browser, software, internet session and network environment.

  • Broad coverage

    Reduce social fraud using behavioural analysis of users accessing online financial services.

  • High informative value

    Take advantage of broad data vector to enrich loan risk models, reduce operational costs for risk assessment, and increase loan product approvals.

  • Flow quality evaluation

    Detect traffic manipulations by assessing the quality and risk level of the applicants who access the financial website.

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