Our technologies

Technology platform overview

Ease of use

Install the JuicyScore script on your web-site or mobile application.

Set up data collection and the transmission parameters that are sent to our service.

Get accurate data, including the score, probabilistic device ID, probabilistic user ID, and a broad profile of predictors for your decision-making strategy, antifraud policy, and increase the approval rate for loan or insurance applications.



Showing that it is possible to operate without direct user identifiers
Enhancing users' safety thanks to non-collection of personal and biometric data
Demonstrating the benefits and easy use of non-personal data as an alternative to personal information
Device ID, User ID, score.

Broad data vector

Behaviour data

Over 70 attributes regarding users behaviour data, including the number of logins, paired applications with signs of fraud, number of corrections on the page during data input, etc.

Internet connection data

Around 30 attributes describing the Internet connection: existence of proxies/TOR and other anomalies, type of connection, date of IP address, etc.

Device information

Over 40 attributes regarding the device information, such as type of device, OS features, and markers of device manipulations.

Software data

Over 60 attributes regarding the software installed on the device, including information about browser, software applied, etc.

Data collection and processing — our know-how

JuicyScore is based on proprietary device and virtual user authentication technologies, as well as on data analysis and engineering. Our online scoring technologies are based on non-personal data, dynamic authentication, evaluation of disposable income, and other parameters and are protected by the patent legislation in different countries.

We are extremely careful with personal information

We do not use any personal data such as direct identifiers of private individuals (full name, passport details, addresses, contact or paying information, or any other direct identifiers)
We only use our own sessions (JuicySession) placed on our partners' platforms (financial institutions), provided there is a signed contract.
When analysing information about input rhythms, we do not collect the codes of the symbol buttons pressed in order to exclude any possibility of accidentally receiving any information about the real user.
Any data containing information on applicants and devices collected on the financial institutions' platforms, unless explicitly requested, is deleted after 90 days and is impossible to recover afterwards.
Our clients can determine the set of non-personal data collected on their platforms by themselves. All the collected data can be deleted from the database at any time upon request of the platform’s owner
Our service has an opt-out function for non-personal data; we can delete data from the database (i.e., JuicySessions) upon direct request of our client via the feedback form
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