Online Gambling Fraud Prevention

With the evolution of online gambling, the industry turned out to be the most affected by scammers. Fraud prevention tools can be a game-changing factor for betting sites and online casinos.

With the evolution of the internet gambling industry, the niche is experiencing the biggest rise of online gambling fraud ever. Only in 2023, did gambling operators struggle with the average gambling scams rate of 7.6%. It is 4.2% higher compared with the previous year. The total rise of online gambling fraud is 80% according to the recent report.

While fraudsters develop new scam mechanisms and approaches, gambling sites look for effective fraud prevention solutions. The industry remains extremely accessible to scammers of all types. Besides, more and more players are involved in different types of betting globally. This fact reserves pretty much space for criminals to implement different online gambling fraud techniques.

In this article, we will discuss how fraudsters may affect legitimate players and gambling platforms. Additionally, you will learn different types of online gambling fraud types as well as how JuicyScore solutions may help prevent them.

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Understanding Online Gambling Fraud

So, why online casinos are so attractive for fraudsters? Transaction analysis and account monitoring helped to highlight two major reasons:
Gambling sites are very accessible. They host thousands of online players globally. It means millions of transactions daily with tons of sensitive data that can be stolen not to mention credit card frauds, account takeovers, etc.

Cash rewards, bonuses, free spins, welcome packages, and other promotions reserve enough room for different fraudulent approaches without even the need to create multiple accounts or engage with stolen credentials.

And what is online gambling fraud? Scammers perform fraudulent activities to take advantage of legitimate players. In simpler words, fraudsters cheat on both gambling operators and clients.

Despite the rules and requirements Internet gambling industry has to meet, criminals still find ways to break them. This is why it is crucial to not only have effective fraud prevention solutions but also realize what we are actually fighting with.

How Does Fraud Affect Online Gambling?

On the one hand, fraudsters are always in search of new creative approaches to exploit the gambling industry. On the other hand, most of them still apply the most common attack types:

  • Multi-accounting. The most popular type of online gambling fraud. The idea is to create multiple accounts (dozens or even hundreds) when performing an identity theft. We actually see the traditional type of account takeover.
  • Credit card fraud. Stolen credit cards appear to be another great issue for the majority of online casinos. Criminals steal credit card data and user’s credentials to reload their balances or withdraw cash.
  • Bonus abuse. Gambling sites try to attract as many clients as possible. They offer promotions and free cash to make them play. This is where fraudsters take advantage of welcome bonus packages, no-deposit bonuses, free spins, and other campaigns launched regularly.
  • Chargeback Fraud. Also known as a friendly fraud, this particular scam type considers a legitimate transaction that is later disputed. A scammer claims he or she did not like the gambling service provided or failed to authorize it. This type of fraud is often called liar-buyer scam.
  • Bot Fraud. This type of online gambling fraud is common among programmers and tech geeks. The idea is to write a unique code or script that would automatically assess potentially winning odds in online poker, blackjack, or even slot machines. Also known as value betting, the approach is supposed to develop a gambling bot.
  • Gnoming. It is another type of multi-accounting. However, this time fraudsters use fake accounts to lose in favor of other players (their partners). This type is common in poker rooms.

With so many fraudulent tricks and techniques gambling sites need to have a proven and time-tested fraud prevention solution to keep their customers and reputation safe. If not dealing with scammers, operators may face both financial and reputational losses.

Reduced Gambling Profits

Businesses may experience the negative impact of gambling fraud in several ways. The first one involves the financial negative effect. Online casinos lose thousands on bonus abuse, money mules, and clients’ chargebacks. In the bottom line, all these types of scams eat into operators’ revenues.

Besides, we should take into account operational costs and challenges. Fraudulent activities result in hours spent by operational teams to recover. It takes time and money to restore normal website operation. Teams need to track down and wipe out fraudsters’ accounts, which also requires effective detection and prevention software.

Reputational Damage

Reputation damages appear to be another great issue for gambling sites. It is not only business reputation that suffers. Fraudsters negatively impact legitimate players, who would rather look for safer ways to bet.

What’s more, the gambling industry comes with multiple regulations and standards companies need to follow. Operators are obliged to have trustworthy authorization and verification systems to perform account checks at the stage of customers’ onboarding. The inability to meet these requirements may result in reputational challenges, extra fees, or fines.

This is why fraud detection and prevention tools are crucial.

Juicyscore’s Solution Against Online Gambling Fraud

Companies have to deal with evolving fraudulent techniques. They need to apply effective software to identify and prevent credit card fraud, bonus abuse, account takeover, and other types of scams. Ignoring anti-fraud tools may lead to disastrous consequences in terms of customer loyalty and revenues.

JuicyScore is the ultimate solution to gambling fraud prevention. Developed with a focus on the gambling industry, it helps businesses across multiple niches including online casinos, poker rooms, betting services, etc. It is a complete fraud protection solution designed to combat various types of fraud.

Our solution delivers a blend of cutting-edge fraud prevention technologies available for use in online casinos. With this comprehensive technology toolkit, gambling operators may automatically identify various forms of fraudulent activities, and minimize losses and operating expenses while simultaneously growing consumer loyalty.

Fraud Detection with Machine Learning & AI

JuicyScore utilizes the latest technologies powered by AI and Machine Learning. It is a complete fraud prevention toolkit developed to assist digital platforms in fighting back scammers. It ensures cutting-edge protection methodologies across several gambling verticals including betting, casinos, poker rooms, and more.

Our internet gambling fraud protection includes the following features:

  • AI-Powered Algorithms to Identify Different Types of Fraud. The software builds an accurate end-user profile based on a range of tech data and behavioral variables by utilizing hundreds of various device authentication parameters.
  • Methods Based on Machine Learning to Reduce Fraud Risk. Potential risks are detected automatically. The system uses hundreds of settings, properties, and device-assisted indicators to compute technical metrics. They help to monitor and analyze the Internet connection, network infrastructure quality, and other elements that are thoroughly tracked and assessed.

Risk Assessment Based on Broad Vector of Data

Advanced data vector is the core of our solution. It is based on advanced technology that is a critical component of our premium anti-fraud toolkit. Gambling sites receive a complete solution for identifying and preventing malicious activities.

As a result, we use the complex JuicyScore data vector to build an adaptive assessment model. It assists gambling platforms in obtaining sufficient data to evaluate the safety of transactions and the trustworthiness of client accounts. Its purpose is to facilitate proper decision-making in real time.

Key Features

The software serves as a digital safety advisor. It is part of a broader solution for preventing fraud, which also includes algorithms to identify randomization and device manipulation. The system produces values based on scoring models.

The technology performs extensive tracking automatically using authentication techniques. Fraudulent behaviors such as multi-accounting, data randomization, device virtualization, and stolen credentials are detected promptly.

Device Fingerprinting

The system analyzes and processes various primary and secondary online gambling fraud risks. JuicyScore is able to monitor crucial device-assisted parameters for the most effective device fingerprinting.

To properly execute fingerprinting, our data vector defines the type of carrier (tablet, desktop, laptop, or mobile), screen size, display quality, RAM, and other essential parameters.

Consequently, anomalies or possibly fraudulent transactions are detected and highlighted by the system. Our technology helps teams reveal device cloning or randomization, remote access, various routing strategies, and more.

Players’ Behavioral Analysis

To analyze players’ behavior, the system processes different factors. It combines a variety of aggregated variables that may include dwell/flight times, average typing or content reading rates, duplicated or randomly selected gadgets, devices that are utilized on the same source for an extended timeframe, and other significant behavioral data.

The data vector forms a solid informational background, while gambling operators receive a unified tool to identify potentially risky malicious players’ segments.

How It Works

JuicyScore employs filters to classify high-risk flows into niche-specific groupings based on device attributes (OS, browser version, Internet connection quality, behavioral variables, etc.).

Businesses can evaluate each player trying to complete a certain transaction. With time, organizations create highly informative financial risk models based on generated and processed data. In the end, gambling platforms may develop a low-cost risk-assessment technique that lowers overhead, increases loyalty, and grows customer trust.

Account Fraud Detection

Authentication helps ensure better account fraud detection. It applies a blend of device authentication measures for fingerprinting output data attributes.

Gambling site owners will get a precise profile of the user device's characteristics as well as behavioral and technological indications that provide smart decision-making when determining whether to allow or deny a registration, bonus claim, or another activity.

Transaction Fraud Protection

JuicyScore improves transaction fraud protection by taking a variety of parameters into account every time a player wants to withdraw cash or make a deposit. The context of an access request provides a more detailed picture of tech and behavioral parameters. In case of an anomaly, the system sends “red flags”.

Let’s say, a player wants to reload a deposit or claim a free bonus to reload the balance. Online casinos should watch out for scammers attempting to get access to their infrastructure using stolen or fake credentials. The system helps to detect potential risks at every stage including the authorization step.

Get Started with JuicyScore Today

Use JuicyScore to conduct a successful anti-fraud strategy for your gambling site. To begin, just finish the following steps:

  1. Install the mobile SDK or JavaScrip web app on your digital device.
  2. Set up the system according to your requirements.
  3. Start processing the necessary data to identify and stop online fraud.

The solution provided by JuicyScore will guarantee both the company's security and customer satisfaction. Contact us to schedule a demo.


What is Online Gambling Fraud?

Online gambling fraud can be of several types. The most common ones include credit card fraud, bonus abuse, account takeover, and more. Meanwhile, fraudsters develop new ways like scamming bots to detect potentially winning bots automatically.

How Does Fraud Affect an Online Gambling Site?

Gambling operators risk losing not only revenues but also online reputation because of fraud. Scammers force sites to spend extra money to recover after the attack. Besides, constant fraud can result in fines established by gambling regulators.

How Can We Prevent Online Gambling Fraud?

The best is to use gambling fraud prevention software that utilizes AI and ML technologies. They ensure accurate device fingerprinting and fraud risk detection in the stages of authorization or transactions.