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A dense toolkit for an ultimate cross-industry fraud protection
Keep customer accounts protected across various online services and industries with a lighter yet powerful anti-fraud toolkit. JuicyID delivers seamless client authentication, protecting their sensitive data and preventing fraud.

A Comprehensive Anti-Fraud Solution for Business

  • Powerful Data Vector

    JuicyID comes with a built-in light yet powerful data vector. It helps prevent both internal and end-user data manipulation. The system examines 81+ different behavior and tech attributes.

  • Full-Scale Account Protection

    The software uses more than thirty different device authentication procedures to create an accurate end-user linkage based on a variety of behavioral biometric data aspects.

  • Advanced Device Fingerprinting

    Integrated Returned Device ID technologies delivers top-notch anti-fraud utilities with a higher-speed response. This is what makes it the most consistent digital fingerprint now available on the market.


  • Risk Request Identification

    The system can automatically identify high-risk requests within the operation flow. It helps detect virtual machines, randomizers, non-local DNS servers, and other potentially fraudulent approaches. What’s more, JuicyID inspects crucial parameters involving internet, software and hardware infrastructure.

  • Fraudsters’ Group Blockage

    Our anti-fraud solution helps resolve complex anti-fraud issues. It helps organizations detect and block groups of scammers and prevent huge company’s losses. JuicyID detects fraudulent account connections and prevents multiple transactions initiated from a single device.

  • Payments on Fictitious Contracts

    The software uses hundreds of attributes to testify fictitious payment occasions. The integrated data vector relies on frequency characteristics that provide a clear picture of all service requests from a single device within a given timeframe. It also examines technical and behavioral characteristics.

What You'll Get

Powerful Authentication System

Implement our state-of-the-art device authentication system designed with various business sectors in mind. Take advantage of quick and precise device fingerprinting prevent the most complex cyberattacks. Detect different types of fraudulent activities.

Ranging Data Indicators

Examine behavioral and technical parameters to spot anomalies that point to identity theft, ATO, multiple accounts, or other fraudulent techniques. The system guarantees the validity of generated data as well as the scoring model itself.

Increased Informativeness

Discover our best-in-class real-time safety tool, designed to testify both technological characteristics and behavioral user’s activities. The system analyzes different configuration and looks for mismatches that might indicate the risk of fraud.

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Our Advantages

Complete Compliance

We provide an anti-fraud solution that conforms to all the current and upcoming legislations and lawsuits regarding operating system or browser security requirements.

No Personal Information Collected

The system never interferes with sensitive or personal data. It primarily examines behavioral and technical characteristics to detect potential abnormalities and mismatches.

Adaptable Data Vector

It generates attribute values serving as filters to block potentially fraudulent activities and "red flags" to identify fraud concerns. Feel free to adapt the scoring model to your own needs.

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