Prevent fraudulent activities, reduce the risk of threats and gain new clients with sustainable portfolio growth. JuicyScore helps you identify different types of fraud, shady behaviour and user intentions, segment the incoming flow based on risk level, and raise the informative value and resolution of your decision-making systems.

How it works

  • Our proprietary stack of authentication technologies allow you to build stable in time device fingerprint.
  • Identify various devices belonging to the same virtual user without using personal or sensitive data.
  • Detect signs of randomization and other anomalies on devices, plus analyse user behaviour and Internet connection for suspicious activity.
  • Our many partners help us monitor applications for financial products submitted online and reveal signs of social fraud risks.
  • Deep analysis of devices and Internet connection allows you to segment the application flow based on disposable income level, thereby reducing credit risks.
  • Leverage broad vector of data regarding device, user behaviour, network, etc. to better assess applicants who are hard to evaluate through conventional data sources, meanwhile enhancing the resolution of your decision-making system, identifying low-risk groups for comprehensive product offers, and increasing the approval rate in general.
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