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Build customers’ loyalty, scale business safely, and reduce fraud risk by 50%.
JuicyScore was designed to help businesses combat fraudsters at any level. Integrate our advanced software to reduce fraud risks by 50%. Get a full-scale anti-fraud solution to gain new clients, build trust, and establish a new level of customer loyalty. JuicyScore utilizes top-notch technologies to identify different types of fraud and shady behavior. It can segment the incoming flow based on risk level, and raise the informative value and resolution of your decision-making systems.

An Ultimate Anti-Fraud Toolkit for Smarter Risk Assessment

  • Enhanced Fraud Authentication

    Based on a range of behavioral biometric data features, the software builds an accurate end-user linkage by utilizing 30+ distinct device authentication mechanisms.

  • Real-Time Fraud Prevention

    JuicyScore relies on the advanced data vector that uses 65,000+ configurations and parameters in real-time. It tracks rare events and conditions to detect the slightest risk of fraud.

  • Fraud Risk Reduction

    The system examines various risk factors on autopilot. It monitors and evaluates thousands of behavioral and technical parameters alongside 200+ attributes and device-assisted markers.


How it works

The key to fraud prevention is data — collecting data, evaluating fraud patterns, and using data to drive decisions. You choose how much decisioning is automated, and the technology does the rest.
  • Advanced Authentication Technologies

    Benefit from a proprietary stack of authentication technologies that allows you to build stable-in-time device fingerprinting.

  • Smart Data Vector

    Identify various device configurations in relevance to the same virtual user without using personal or sensitive data.

  • Enhanced Fraud Detection System

    Detect signs of randomization and other anomalies on devices. Analyze user behavior and network infrastructure for suspicious activity.

  • Reduced Social Fraud Risks

    Take advantage of our partners’ experience in analyzing online financial apps and revealing signs of social fraud risks.

  • Improved Decision-Making System

    Deep analysis of the device and Internet connection allows segmentation of the requests flow by disposable income level and leads to credit risks reduction.

What You'll Get

Seamless Authentication

Leverage an integrated state-of-the-art device authentication system. Benefit from accurate and prompt device fingerprinting to reduce different types of cyber threats. Our technology utilizes numerous authentication mechanisms developed to combat fraudsters and make it difficult for them to compromise financial services.


Analyze behavioral and technical markers to detect potential mismatches that point to the risk of multi-accounting, identity theft, ATO, and other types of fraudulent activities. These markers ensure an accurate scoring model and parameters’ value. In the end, you get a detailed digital profile with potential fraud risks evaluated on the fly.


Explore our superior real-time safeguards developed to analyze user behavior and technical attributes. The system analyzes device-assisted parameters and pinpoints mismatches that can be a sign of false or stolen identities. JuicyScore performs hardware and software to create red flags in case of mismatches or anomalies.

Our Advantages

100% Compliance

We deliver an anti-fraud solution that complies with all the local regulating rules, existing and future regulations, as well as security guidelines for browsers and OS.

0% of Personal Data Collected

JuicyScore DOES NOT collect any personal or sensitive information. It mainly analyzes device-assisted technical and behavioral parameters.

Customizable Data Vector

You can create your own scoring model with attribute values used as filters for rare events and “red flags” to detect fraud risks.

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