Multi-Accounting Fraud Prevention

Multi-accounting is a type of fraud when fraudster creates more than one account to take advantage of lending, insurance, gaming, betting and ecommerce services.

Multi accounting refers to a type of fraud when a single user has more than one account. Historically, it has been a huge problem for different types of businesses. On the one hand, companies may lose money. On the other hand, they lose their reputation because of fake account creation, which is even worse.
Imagine a gambling platform with players gaining unfair advantage without being punished for their fraudulent activities or using virtual machines. In this case, you are likely to find a better place to play. Luckily, advanced anti-fraud solutions make it simple to detect multiple accounts and keep your business safe.

The Impact of Multi-Accounting Fraud

Digital fraudsters apply multi accounting to take advantage of different financial services. They are eager to benefit from more free trials or create multiple accounts to get more discounts, promo codes, initial signup bonuses, and other special offers. Sometimes, the same person has several accounts to continue using a service after a ban. Additionally, hackers are often involved in selling accounts to others.

No matter what the purposes are, multi accounting can do lots of harm to service providers. Companies lose not only money but also reputation on the web, which is often hard to restore. Lost clients’ loyalty can lead to worse problems and revenue decreases. The key problem is that many websites explain to novice users how to use fake or stolen identities. The good news is that businesses may get an effective toolkit to prevent multi accounting.

Impact on Business Revenue

It is not only gambling and betting sites are the ones to suffer from this kind of fraudulent activity. The following niches and sectors can also be put at risk:

  • Micro Lending Organizations. Multi accounting is a big problem for lending organizations. Loan providers are forced to battle hackers who want to get approved by default and never repay the debt.
  • Ecommerce Projects. Payment frauds are extremely popular in the niche of e-commerce. Also, hackers perform so-called promo abuse to benefit from extra discounts and spam promo codes using multiple accounts.
  • Social Platforms. Commonly, users create fake social media accounts when dealing with dating websites or social media. It results in poor user experience, as more people are spammed.
  • iGaming Industry. The niche has been battling gaming multi accounting and smurfing for years. Unfair gamers want to upscale their gaming approach and avoid being banned.
  • Insurance Companies. Online insurance service providers can experience multi account attacks performed by unfair brokers or agents aimed at issuing as many insurance policies as possible. As a rule, such attempts are backed by fake credentials alongside unverified data.
  • Affiliate fraud is another popular way of collecting bonuses without the need to grow the customers’ database. As a result, more and more online industries can be affected by multi accounting in different ways. But the result is always the same - lost money and poor user experience.

Poor User Experience

Fake customer reviews, smurfing, and other multi accounting methods make fair users turn to other service providers with clear and transparent account registration process. They do not want to be scanned or spammed. People look for a safe and simple way to engage with the website services. If a company fails to provide them, clients look for a better option.

In the end, businesses start losing loyalty and have their reputation on the web ruined. It takes time, money, and effort to restore it. This is why multi accounting fraud prevention is crucial.

JuicyScore Multi-Accounting Fraud Protection Solution

JuicyScore provides comprehensive end-to-end software to detect and prevent multi accounting. Our anti-fraud toolkit utilizes enhanced technologies with integrated safety patterns. The solution creates an accurate digital user profile based on a range of technological and behavioral criteria. It helps to quickly identify potential fraud risks and keep your business safe.

The software uses a sophisticated data vector able to detect and block potential multi accounting efforts. Advanced technologies make our anti-fraud solution perfect for companies involved in e-commerce, online gaming, social and dating services, etc. Our mission is to ensure user satisfaction as well as financial and operating safety for the company.

Leveraging Advanced AI Technology

Multi accounting turns into a huge problem for businesses. Fraudulent activities become more complex. That is why we develop high-end anti-fraud software powered by ML-based instruments to generate AI-driven algorithms to detect the same IP address, perform device fingerprinting, and analyze user behavior and device-assisted parameters. It helps us identify any kind of suspicious footprint with potential fraud risks.
The JuicyScore solution tracks device fingerprinting by analyzing over 30+ characteristics. Authentication technologies regularly track over 65,000 technical and behavioral attributes, including markers and stop-factors. It helps the system quickly identify possibly fraudulent activity.

Real-Time Fraud Prevention

To provide superior real-time safeguards, our system examines various factors:

  • User Behavior Attributes. Device-assisted parameters reveal types and quantities of installed apps throughout a specified period of time. The system identifies possible mismatches and pinpoints false or stolen identities.
  • Technical Quality Attributes. Hardware and software analysis helps to analyze different technical parameters such as the Internet connection setup, the carrier type, the operating system, the browser version, etc. It is useful when creating red flags in case of mismatches or anomalies.
  • Additional Attributes. A wide range of other parameters and stop-factors are processed by the JuicyScore solution. The data vector helps reveal randomizers or remote control apps used to steal information. Additionally, the system spots the use of anonymizers for hiding multiple accounts.

Key Features

Our multi accounting prevention tools examine thousands of parameters to spot the slightest possibility of anomalies. In simpler words, the solution tracks different behavioral/technical factors. If something is wrong with the way the user operates a device, the system generates red flags or alerts.
The key feature is that the software DOES NOT collect any personal data. It only deals with device-assisted characteristics and behavioral and technical data.

The JuicyScore solution to battle multi accounting is easy to use and install. No special requirements are needed. Once installed, the system is ready to go. Businesses can collect crucial data right at once. When needed, our professional team is here to provide full-scale assistance and help with any issue. We deliver tools that comply with GDPR, existing and future regulations, as well as security guidelines for browsers and operating systems.

Device Fingerprinting

Our data model combines patterns and analyzing algorithms to detect multi accounting factors alongside behavioral and device-assisted markers. The data vector can recognize various device characteristics and types of carriers (tablet, desktop, and mobile).

It also recognizes device-assisted specifics, such as the size and quality of the display, RAM, hardware attributes, and so on.

This allows us to identify anomalies such as mismatched screen sizes and resolutions, browser cloning, anonymized sessions, remote control, hidden IPs, routing markers, and device randomization apps.

User Behavior Analysis

Analyzing behavioral characteristics is an important part of multi accounting detection. Businesses can use our tools to examine the following:

  • A number of apps used on the same device over a specified period, duplicated or randomized devices, etc. The digital profile reveals a blend of crucial aggregated variables.
  • Behavioral parameters involve the average typing or content reading speed, online session length, dwell time, flight duration, and so on.

Numerous integrated markers have become the core of the JuicyScore data vector. They are all functioning as a single aggregate. Gaming platforms and microloan providers can detect and stop unfair users with several accounts as well as fake or stolen identities.

How It Works

We made things easy for business owners. Our solution will be a good fit for different industries ranging from gambling sites to micro-lending organizations, E-commerce projects, and financial organizations. Customizable software will let you create your own niche-specific rules and filters that will automatically detect and block any kind of fraudulent transactions.

Straightforward Integration Process

The following three main elements enable businesses to immediately begin using JuicyScore:

  • Smooth Coordination. We give partners access to JavaScript/SDK for online or mobile device installation. Integrating the script on the application or website is super easy. After the setup is complete, you can gather and process the required data.
  • Tailoring Is Simple. Organizations can adjust the system to suit their unique demands. Certain characteristics and marker values can function as filters or stop-factors.
  • Comprehensive Support. Our knowledgeable staff helps partners at every stage, from first integration to customization and ongoing support.

Proactive Alert System

With proactive monitoring, the system can quickly detect different anomalies aided by devices. If there is something wrong with behavioral or technical factors, the system will send alerts. Red flags are generated with different attributes and criteria in mind:

  • Device markers spot possible mismatches between devices and other irregularities that point to the risk of multi accounting.
  • Behavioral markers enable precise scoring and parameters’ value. It helps to evaluate potential risks following anomalies within the app frequency, session duration, and other parameters.
  • Connectivity markers detect abnormal Internet infrastructure factors as well as its quality, browser type and version, and other attributes. They are used to ensure that provided data is either false or true.

JuicyScore's solution goes beyond simple multi accounting. We deliver tools to battle different kinds of digital crimes via advanced anti-fraud instruments.

Start Your Journey to Secure Digital Experience

To benefit from our anti-fraud solution, you only need to do the following:

  1. Install the SDK (mobile) or JavaScrip (web) on your application.
  2. Set up the system to suit your needs.
  3. Start obtaining vital data to identify risky multi accounting behavior.
    Ensure the company’s safety and satisfying consumer experience with JuicyScore’s solution. Reach out to schedule a demo.


What is multi accounting fraud?

Multi accounting fraud is a type of malicious activity when a single user has more than one account to benefit from special offers, bonuses, and discounts to the detriment of the service provider.

How does multi-accounting fraud affect your business?

Users with multiple accounts try to take advantage of financial services. Unfair players often use fake or stolen credentials to get more bonuses. It results in financial losses as well as poor user experience.

How can we prevent multi accounting?

The best way to prevent multi accounting is to use advanced technical solutions for device fingerprinting as well as behavioral and technical parameters analysis. It helps to create an accurate digital profile and detect potential fraud risks.

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