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13 Sep 2017 I 1 min read

We are pleased to announce the new JuicyScore API v.9.0. It combines the latest identification technology and more than 200+.

New data includes:

  • data on online behaviour of users, including more than 20 predictors;
  • data on the device, including more than 55 predictors;
  • detailed information about Internet connection,
    including more than 10 predictors;
  • browser tools – 8 predictors.

New ways of identification:

  • New methods of identification based on the characteristics of the sound card and the user’s keystroke dynamics can help to detect fraudulent attacks.
  • The number of identification methods has increased from 9 to 14, and it will grow further!

Ease of use and new features include:

  • an alert notification system in case of changes in online situation or fraudulent attacks;
  • white and black lists is an option for creating stop lists or white lists using specified parameters: IP, user ID, device ID and ISP;
  • our new JuicyScore.com site with a blog and Juicy materials.

The new API and the documentation will be available to users starting September 20th!