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Dear friends and partners!

We are proud to inform you about a remarkable event of this year: a few days ago we launched a new generation of JuicyScore API. We faced quite a challenging task: we had to find and develop fundamentally new technologies. However, this time we did our best to outplay ourselves and launched a new generation of products providing significant additional effect in comparison to the previous versions.

The new product generation has a range of significant changes from the perspective of information value and efficiency for our partners. Here are the key changes and additional features coming up in JuicyScore API v.13:

What are the additional features coming up in JuicyScore API 13?

  • Information value: we added 28 new attributes to the output data vector, some of them are unique. Many attributes were created as a result of our researches and some of them have already been patented under applicable law. Our output data vector is the most comprehensive among all the existing solutions for application fraud prevention and account protection at the moment;

  • Device authentication: we expanded the stack of device authentication technologies, increasing their number up to 31 in the new JuicyScore API generation, which makes our device fingerprint even more stable over time and more resistant to various anomalies. It turns out to be really important in terms of highly competitive and high risk level markets;

  • Malware: we ultimately redeveloped and enhanced technological stack of malware detection algorithms. The stack now includes 350+ technologies;

  • Infrastructure:

  • Reliability. In a new version we increased the reliability of our systems globally as well as the reservation level. We are expecting that the global level of accessibility of our services will exceed 99.9%+. And we are expecting that the loss of availability this year will be 2.5 times lower in comparison with 2020.

  • Monitoring. We implemented the monitoring of the key nodes and operating indicators across the globe and now we are planning to develop it further and to conduct the monitoring of the key nodes and messages for our clients.

What else has been added to the updated technology?

We increased stability and information value of almost all aggregated Index variables IDX;

We significantly extended the list of stop factors;

Data vector information value was increased by more than 30%+ in comparison with the previous API generation.

Juicy Team never stops and always moves forward: this year we are planning to launch a range of mid-release product updates that will allow to reduce risks as well as to get a better understanding of users online behavior without the use of personal or sensitive data.

Despite the difficult situation all over the world as well as the essential changes in the work of all the financial market players, Juicy Team keeps up high development speed in order to extend the functionality of our products and generate more value to our clients and partners.

We permanently conduct researches to identify new attributes, work on strengthening of our expert valuation in digital risk management to help our clients and partners in their day-to-day work, fraud prevention and risk assessment. Thanks to all of you for your support and sharing your ideas!

New version of API is already available to all of our clients!

We would be glad to receive your feedback. Please feel free to contact us by email help@juicyscore.com

Sincerely yours, JuicyTeam